Galaxy Tab is eh

Tonight I went to Best Buy to pick up a few things, just a couple of Blu-rays and a gift for a family member. I went over to the mobile section and they had a couple of Galaxy Tabs to play with. These weren’t the normal demo’s that Best Buy puts put but actual functioning models running the Internet. I have an iPad and I wanted to compare the two just to see if there was any real competition with the Galaxy Tab.

I used it for all of ten minutes and I can say that the Galaxy Tab is just The size is 7″ which is kind of a weird spot since it’s just kinda bigger than my iPhone but it’s not nearly as big as my iPad, I was trying to the interface but I’m not that familiar with Android so didn’t get very far with it buri did like that you could use widgets and stuff instead of always having to go tian app for your information. The only thing I really tried out was the web browsing and it didn’t seem as smooth or seemless compared to iOS. I haven’t tried out a Windows Phone 7 yet but web browsing on Windows Mobile 6.1 was painful. I can see how people who are fans of Android would like this device, its how iPhone people like iPads. However the execution doesn’t seem to be there for the Galaxy Tab. It still feels like a phone, just a really really big one.

I’m not an apple fan boy by any stretch of the imagination, I’m still an avid hater of Macs and their OS but the iOS is still kicking butt and taking names. It should also bear mentioning that Android is not scalable for tablets just het so that might be part of the problem too. I think to have a successful tablet you need a bigger screen like an iPad so that you’re not in that in-between state of phone ore tablet. I use my iPad differently from my iPhone even though all the apps are the same overall. When given the chance I’ll switch to the iPad to consume the Internet, play movies, or view pictures. The iPhone is mostly for text messaging or games and sometimes playing movies when I don’t have my iPad handy.

I’m looking forward to seeing what RIM has in store with their new Playbook. If it’s compelling enough, I might get an iPad 3 some day but we will see how the tablet wars pan out. My next major purchase is goring to be an OLED TV and then an iPhone 5 for me and the Mrs. 🙂


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