November is Gaming Month!

Ahh November is a good month for video games, especially for those that own an Xbox 360 like me.  While I’m in my temporary apartment, I have decided to go with my most powerful gaming machine that I own to set up and left my other machines packed away until I move back after the new year.  November is always a blockbuster month for games and there are 3 games that just came out that I want to play but I think I’m only going to get to choose one to play at the moment.  The 3 games that I want are Call of Duty Black Ops, Need for Speed, and Assassins Creed.  All 3 games are different genre’s that I enjoy but its a hard decision on which one to choose.

I think I’ll eliminate Call of Duty first, I have recently defeated Halo Reach and that has satisfied my 1st Person Shooter craving for a while which is the genre that Call of Duty is a part of.  While I hear that this game is totally bad ass, I’m content to wait it out a little while and I might even get it cheaper.  I don’t go online to play so for me it will be all first person shooter against the computer.  I still haven’t defeated the last game which is sitting in a box somewhere in storage.

Need for Speed will probably be eliminated but thats because I have a preference for Assassin’s Creed.  I played the demo on my Xbox360 last week and I must say that I was pretty impressed with the graphics and game play.  It played a lot like Burn Out but that shouldn’t be a big surprise since Criteron Games does the Burn Out franchise.  I like driving games for their replay value since I can just keep on playing the same tracks and stuff over and over trying to beat my best times but over time that gets old.  I’m thinking of getting this one maybe in a year or so when the price comes down so I can play it on the cheap.

Assassin’s Creed will probably earn my nickel on Tuesday of this week.  I played Assassin’s Creed II only so far and it was really enjoyable.  It’s a nice 3rd person adventure game and the best part about is that I’m an assassin!  I like snooping around and knifing people when they least expect it or running around in the open world format performing some of the side missions so that I can get more points or bonus treasure.  This time the entire game takes place in Rome which I hear is going to be awesome.  I don’t know if they are going to use other towns like the last game but if they stick to the city of Rome I’m sure I’ll have enough to see and interact with.

I wonder what other gems are hiding in the rough that might earn my hard earned cash.  Maybe another beatem up like Scott Pilgrim (which I got from XBox Live for only 10 bucks and I’m still playing it!).  Here’s to a great holiday season filled with awesome video games 🙂


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