Social Networking on the Web Just Got Better: Seesmic!

I will admit that I am quite an avid user of social media.  I have my presence all over the interweb on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  I’ve been pretty content most of the time to just using Twitter and Facebook but the real challenge has always been finding a Twitter application that can update the status of both at the same time using my computer.  I currently have this ability using Twitbird Pro on my iPhone and iPad but there hasn’t been that many apps that do what Twitbird does.

I was using an app called TweetDeck for a while but for some odd reason, I couldn’t log into my Twitter account anymore.  Being quite frustrated by this fact and after doing a few password resets, I decided to go trolling through the web for something new.  I stumbled upon Seesmic while using my Evernote app and browsing their Trunk.  I downloaded the Seesmic desktop app but I was having the same problem that I was having with TweetDeck in terms of authenticating my user name.  How crappy!  I think its because they recently changed how they want Twitter apps to authenticate using their API called OAuth.  I know I received an email about it but I didn’t think it would affect me so soon.

I decided to uninstall Seesmic on my desktop but noticed that they had a web version as well.  All I had to do was create an account with Seesmic to get started.  I decided, why not give it a shot so I signed up and miraculously my user name and password for Twitter worked just fine on the web version.  I’ve been using the web version for a few days now and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed so far.  It has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and Google Buzz (which I still don’t get at all).  The interface is super easy and I can update all the services at the same time if I want to.  I still only update Facebook and Twitter but its nice to be able to follow my LinkedIn feed now without having to log into the actual website.  I’ll keep trying this out but I think I’ll be using Seesmic for the foreseeable future instead of installing thick client Twitter apps.


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