Toyota Yaris Stinks!

Ahh the Toyota Yaris.  I can fully say that this car is a piece of shit on wheels.  I received this car this morning as my rental from Hertz.  I asked if they had any other cars available but they said no so I had to take this thing from them.  Needless to say I’m not even close to being impressed with this vehicle and why its in their fleet is beyond me.  If the rental car companies are trying to make a bad impression on people they are certainly succeeding.

First issue I have with this car is the center console design.  I know why this was done, it was as a cost savings maneuver so that all they had to do was place the steering column and pedals on either side of the car depending on where the car was sold instead of installing a new dashboard.  This is totally no-intuitive since most people glance down to see how fast they’re going instead of glancing to the side.  I only drove the car for 30 minutes but that is the one part about the design that I hate the most so far.  Secondly, it doesn’t have an AUX jack for my iPhone which I need this week so I can use my GPS effectively.  I have places to travel in the DC metro area and not having my trusty GPS talking to me is going to be an issue.  The car is also really under powered.  I had no problem red lining it no less than five times on my drive to work this morning.  It sounded good and all but the power was just lacking for me.

Since I hate this car so much, I won’t hesitate to push it to the limits of its endurance and even beyond if given half a chance.  If I get another one of these shit boxes next week I’m going to complain and get something else.  I don’t even care if its a Versa, at least that car has a key fob.  Seriously, who makes cars without key fobs in America these days?  Even all the Korean cars come with one!  Sheesh!  Get your shit together Toyota!


One thought on “Toyota Yaris Stinks!

  1. “I had no problem red lining it no less than five times on my drive to work this morning.”

    That is because you were speeding.

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