Hello heat wave

I’m sitting in my hotel room at the Westin in Reston VA. I’d don’t know what they do at Westins but they always smell good. They have a distinct smell compared to any other hotel I’ve stayed in. Anyway, the reason I’m staying in doors instead of walking around town tonight is because of the extreme heat that has decided to hit the North East. I live in FL and it is pretty hot down there for a good amount of the year but it’s even hotter here than in FL. I as looking at the weather last week and it was nice and cool so I was expecting a little of that.

The heat just makes you want to do absolutely nothing except for stay indoors. I guess that’s not too bad considering I work in an office all day long. Reston is a very nice town and it’s fairly new by most standards. I like how there is free parking everywhere and how almost everything can be accessed by a bicycle or by walking with tons of paths everywhere. I would go jogging or something at night instead of using the treadmill but it’s over 90 degrees at night which is totally unacceptable. I’m just going to enjoy watching my TV in my air conditioned room tonight and then head off to the office tomorrow. I never thought I would want to go back to FL where it’s nice and cool by comparison.


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