Time for the long weekend

The beginning of July always brings with it the 4th of July holiday here in the ole USA.  It’s the birthday of the country so of course there is a reason to celebrate.  This year happens to be extra sweet with both the World Cup and Wimbledon going on at the same time.  I personally think more people are interested in watching the World Cup this year than Wimbledon, which is especially true in South Florida.

I don’t have any plans yet for this weekend, I just know that I’m going to be packing up my work computer and putting it away until I go to DC this coming week.  The forecast is calling for lots of rain so I don’t know how festive its going to get around here.  I might end up spending a lot of it at home renting movies or something.  I want to see some fireworks this year but its all a matter of finding them.  I hear that my home town of Stamford CT isn’t even having fireworks this year which surprises me since they have always had them.

I think I should go out and buy a couple of bottles of my favorite beer and enjoy the weekend like every other American on the planet.  Some nice burgers on the grill would be awesome too.  We’ll see if mother nature wants to cooperate with my ideas or not.  Happy 4th of July!


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