I’ve stumped TSA Again

Forthe second week in a row I have been able to stump TSA with the contents of my computer back pack, forcing them to do a manual check and a second run through the X-Ray scanner. I guess it is TSA being more vigilent about what is in peoples bags which is probably a good thing. If I tried to see what was in my bag going through that machine I would be puzzled too.

Part of the problem is all the electronics that I stuff into my bag. I have 2 laptops plus their A/C adapters, digital camera, external iPhone battery and external hard drive, an iPad, and my iPhone which I put in my bag when I go through. This week should be my final week going to MSP so I can dump the client laptop and it’s charger. That should reduce the overall weight on my back by about 10lbs. What is funny is that last week the reason I was double checked was because I had my iPad in my bag (supposedly this is OK according to the TSA website but not OK in Miami, go figure) so this time I removed it to see if I could get through unscathed. I guess that isn’t the case. This doesn’t mean I’m going to reduce what I’m carrying. Most of this stuff I need for work/travel to make my week bearable until I get home for the weekends. I guess we’ll see what happens when I try and fly out of MSP on Thursday to see if I’m checked again.


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