The Juicy Lucy

This past week I decided to try out a Burger that is famous in Minneapolis called the Juicy Lucy. The place is a little shack off a road in the middle of nowhere. I had to make use of my GPS in order to find this place. I decided to go with two friends of mine from work. None of us had a Juicy Lucy before and we wanted to give it a try since it was recommended by one of the locals and of course it was on Man v. Food.

The Juicy Lucy is a special kind of burger. Most burgers put the cheese on the outside of the burger, the Juicy Lucy puts the cheese inside the met patty itself. To me that was rather unique for a burger. I ordered Swiss cheese with mine but looking back I probably should have ordered it with American but I can always go back and try it again. In order to complete the meal we ordered some fried mushrooms and some onion strings. For the most part the burger was pretty good. Ni normally don’t like to eat onions but the onion strings were really good. Almost like an awesome blossom but much thinner.

I think I’ll make one more trip there this summer before I roll out of Minneapolis. If anyone is in MSP, give it a try!


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