Photobucket for iPhone/iPad is awesome

Back in the days when MySpace was cool, there was a service called Photobucket where everyone put their photos so they could be posted in various areas of a persons myspace page. I will admit that I was a pretty heavy user of the service myself during those days, I still even have a Myspace age although I don’t actively update it. For the past few years I haven’t used Photobucket because there really wasn’t a need to with all the other tools on the web available like Picasa.

If there is a limitation that I see right now with my iPad it’s the ability to take pictures. Noticeably absent is a camera of any kind on the device. This means that the only way I can get pictures on my iPad is to sync it with my home computer. My current job has me traveling quite a bit so syncing with my home computer only occurs on the weekends. Enter Photobucket is available for iPhone and iPad and the price is just right: free! I am able to upload pictures from my iPhone to the Photobucket service and then using the same app on my iPad I can download the same photo and use it for blog posts like this.

I’ve given the program a pretty good test and I like what I see so far. I haven’t checked how much space I have on Photobucket yet but I’m hoping I have enough space for all the pictures I want to post on my blog. I think its time for me to test a few more apps on my iPad before I head off to work this week.


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