iPad Day 4

Today is day 4 in which I’ve had my iPad and things are goingk pretty well so far. I’ll admit that I’m not a pro at using the keyboard yet but I’m certainly getting there. I can’t touch type since I’m just typing on a massive piece of glass so it is a bit hard to type and not look at the screen.

I’ve added a number of apps to the iPad but I think vie been using safari the most. The ability to view the web is probably the greatest part of this thing. A good example is that my anniversary is fast approaching and I needed to buy some additional parts for the gift that I am going to give to my wife. On most normal circumstances I would have used my desktop and stayed cooped up in my office doing my research. Instead I was up in the loft watching Avatar on my big screen with surround sound while I looked at different websites to find the parts that I needed to get. Now that’s true convenience.

This morning I even went back to the same site and bought the items that I needed and was bake to shop one Amazon and get my mom a Mothers Day gift too. I wouldn’t say that this has replaced my computer by any means but it is a neat toy to have in the house or where I can get free wireless access. I purposely didn’t sound a ton of money on the 3G version so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy more data services from AT&T. If I am ever able to get my jailbreak working again I plan on using something like MyWi in those very rare instances where I would use my iPad over my iPhone.

I Do have one strict rule about this device and that Is that I am not going to use it for work. I won’t use it to check my work email, open attachments, nothing at all except maybe book travel in a pinch. I am anxiously awaiting my case for this thing so I can take it on the road with me. Right now the estimated time to arrival is May 13 which is the day before my anniversary. I guess I will have to suffer without it while in Minneapolis.n ok I’m done for now. Maybe I’ll get the urge to blog a little more in the next few days.


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