I have my iPad !

I am writing this blog post on my new iPad that I got this past week. I actually opened it last night and started adding applications and movies in order to test it out. So far everything it going pretty well, I’m trying to get the hang of typing on the iPad with it’s huge virtual keyboard which. Is taking some getting used to.

One thing that is a bit different is that a lot of the apps that I use on my iphone and ipod Touch are not yet ipad ready. What that means is that the app will still run but it will be in a small window that mimics the size of the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong it’s still usable but it doesn’t take advantage if the huge screen that the iPad offers.

The apps that I did find for the iPad though are pretty cool. The one that i see myself using the most while I’m on the road is the Kindle app to read all of my my books. I like that the text is much bigger on the screen of the iPad. I just have to purchase more books to add to my library. Some of the other apps like Weather Bug, Evernote, and Fluent News are awesome on the iPad. I’m currently waiting for a version of documents to go to be released which I hope is soon. Msny of the apps that I use on my iPhone have web site equivalents and I use them because the iphone screen wad so small. Now I don’t need so many apps and can use the full power of the web.

I put a screen protector on my iPad today with the help of Claire since she’s much better at that sort of thing than I am. The last thing that I am waiting for is the case which I ordered from Apple which is currently back ordered. Since I don’t have the case this week I won’t be taking the iPad with me on my travels.

More will come later. It’s time to try a few more movies and apps on this thing.


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