Updating Twitterfeed

I think I’ve finally figured out why my blog posts haven’t been going to Twitter and to Facebook lately.  I recently changed my name in Twitter but for some reason I forgot to update it everywhere else I use Twitter.  This is essentially a test post.

There seems to be something wrong with the API between Twitter and Facebook too recently.  The API won’t accept my login credentials which is seriously weird since it’s been working for almost a year if not more.  No matter, Twitterfeed will be able to accomplish this goal for me as well since they’ve added some enhancements.  The only thing I have to make sure of going forward is to use Tweetdeck or something similar so that my updates for Twitter go to Facebook too.

I do most of my Tweeting from from my iPhone anyway so thats not a big concern overall.  Here’s to seeing if this actually works!  Come on Twitterfeed, don’t let me down!!


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