iPad or Netbook?? Hmmm….

I have recently begun to question what it is I do with all the technology in my house and the one thing that keeps on coming back is that I really just need it to look stuff up.  This has gotten me into thinking about the types of technology I should buy.  I currently spend a great deal of my time in my office because I have a computer and a TV in here but I have TV’s in other parts of the house but I don’t use those TV’s as much because there is no computer.  I have devices such as my iPhone and my iPod touch or even my laptop coputer that I use for work.  I use my iPhone when I’m away from home, which is quite a bit, but I wanted something for the house that I could just lug around but not be too heavy and do the things I want to do which is web surf to do research.

I’m torn between the iPad which is a new device that just came out from Apple which is really a huge ass iPod Touch or iPhone or getting a netbook.  I went to Best Buy this weekend and decided to try both devices…. well thats a lie, I know what  a netbook is like, its just a PC but on a much smaller scale that runs Windows etc. etc…. and I didn’t really try it out but since I have a laptop already, how much different can it be?  The appeal of the netbook right now is the price point.  Well kinda…. I have a bunch of United Miles that I can use towards a netbook such as the Acer One or I can use those points for a couple of different things like speakers for my iPod Touch so I can take it to the beach and stuff and a mini DV camera to record movies.  I would have to travel to Chicago one more time and transfer all of my Marriott points over to United in order for me to make this purchase.  The drawback that I see is that its still a computer.  I have my home desktop which has more power than I know what to do with with a 22″ screen and Bose sound system.  I’d have to deal with Windows and all the crap that goes with it and installing applications to make it do the things I want it to do.  Although it would be quite useful to have a more portable computer to have around the house that wasn’t my work laptop.  I don’t know if I see myself editing pictures and what not but I do think that I would upload stuff from my camera to the web or something like that.  All this makes a pretty good case for a netbook to me since it has the versatility of a computer but in a much smaller package.

I did go and see an iPad today at Best Buy and gave it a whirl for internet, books, and a game or two that I was already familiar with such as Flight Control.  It’s a pretty neat device I must say with the big touch screen and the accelerometer.  It’s strengths are what hurts it for me right now since it would duplicate the functions of my current iPhone and iPod touch.  The difference being is that the screen size is way bigger so it would make things like reading my Kindle Books or watching my videos that I put on my iPhone much more appealing to me if I took it with me on the road.  I guess the fact that it can do what I currently do on my iPhone except on a much bigger scale is an appealing aspect.  I use my iPhone a lot for watching movies and reading books on the plane ride to and from my client sites.  The kicker is that the 3G version isn’t out yet and I’m not really willing to pay for another 3G plan.  I was considering buying a Kindle at some point but this would actually eliminate that need since I would have potentially 3 different book stores available to me instead of just Amazon.  The movie part would be awesome too, I would be able to watch movies in larger formats on the road and I could potentially watch them at home or on my balcony instead of being cooped up indoors all day long.

I’ll have to think about this one for a little bit…….. lol……. not really, I just finished buying an iPad using my EPP discount at Apple.  I didn’t get a discount on the iPad itself but I did get one on the case.  I bought the 64GB version so I can hold more of my movies on it.  I might still get the netbook too since I have to take a trip to Chicago in late May but we’ll see.  Having a new Canon Camera would be nice though….


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