Finally picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Wow its been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything but things have been busy over the last couple of months so I haven’t had the time or anything to really write about.  I do now!  Best Buy was kind enough to provide me a $30 coupon from my Best Buy Rewards points and I had another $30 gift card to blow so I decided to pick up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  I know I’m a bit late in getting this game and its been reviewed probably 1000000000 times already but I always have to give my own personal take on things.

First off, the graphics are uber awesome.  Way better than I expected and quite realistic from my point of view, complete with blood splatter when you nail a bad guy in with a sniper rifle.  The game plays much like most first person shooters and since I have the very first Call of Duty game for Xbox 360 it felt pretty much the same from the control stand point.  The one thing that stands out a lot is how hard the game is.  I’m only a very casual gamer these days (its due to my ever advancing age and lack of time to devote to video games) so my speed in spinning around and killing people in my field of fire is a little slow and my aim is way off when chucking grenades.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve died already because its just that intense of a game.  Bad guys are coming from everywhere and they’re all trying to kill me and I’m just trying to find cover or reload my weapon.

I must say though I am pleased I picked up this game.  It’s supposed to be pretty short for the campaign mode but I don’t mind.  I might try playing through the game again at some point once I’m done with it or go back to trying to play Super Mario Brothers Wii since I haven’t touched that in about a month.  I am focusing a lot of my time on Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for my iPhone but thats for another blog post.  In the mean time, this game will be in the Xbox until it is defeated!  Although at my current pace, I’m guessing I’ll finish the game by Christmas 😉


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