Assassin’s Creed II was awesome!

A few weeks ago I bought the game Assassin’s Creed II after looking at games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare and some games for the Wii.  I must say that I was not disappointed with my purchase.  I just finished beating the game late last night and it was pretty fun the entire way through.  There are still a bunch of things that I haven’t done in the game but I don’t know if I’m going to go back and finish up the side missions or find all the treasure.  The game took me around 30+ hours to complete but thats because I also did a lot of the assassination side quests and went around and looked for a lot of the treasure chests in some of the first areas where I played the game.

The graphics of this game are spectacular.  They have to be the best graphics I’ve ever seen on the Xbox360 and I’ve had an Xbox360 since the day the console came out.  I’ve read a lot of the reviews on the game and I agree with them that the city scape is the best part of the game.  Lots of attention to detail and the non playing characters are pretty decent at being random.  The fact that I was able to climb almost any building and assassinate just about anyone I came across was pretty sweet.  The weapons that you pick up during the game are all different and have their strengths and weaknesses but once you unlock the ultimate set of armor you’re just all jacked up to be a lean mean killing machine.

There are a lot of puzzles in the game that are pretty challenging, especially finding secret symbols on buildings (I haven’t found them all yet and I still can’t decipher a few that I have found because the clue’s don’t help a lot).  The most satisfying part is playing the Assasssin Tombs where you try and get tokens to unlock armor in the game.  I was able to complete all 6 tombs about 3/4 through the game so I was a bad ass for 1/4 of the game and loved every minute of it.

I could go on for a while about the game but I’m going to stop.  The ending was really cool and it set it up for another game which I hope they’ll make for the Xbox360 so I don’t have to buy another game console.  I would recommend this game to anyone because its just that awesome.  If it had extended playability beyond the single player stuff that would be awesome or if they added some downloadable content.  Now that I’m done with this game I’ll have to start looking for another one to occupy my free time while I’m at home.  Maybe something for the Wii this time around….


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