Windows 7 coming out strong

This past week Microsoft finally released Windows 7 to the masses as THE OS to get to run all the latest and greatest things that keep our lives connected in the digital age.  I’ve been running Windows 7 for a little while now as a release candidate and as an MSDN member and I gotta say that the OS is pretty slick.  I think this is what Microsoft intended Vista to be when it was released but the computers at the time just didn’t have the power in order to pull it off successfully.  I run Windows Vista on my work laptop and my desktop used to run Vista as well and there are enough similarities that its not really a big change for me.  I know people that are going to switch from XP to Win 7 is in for a huge shock.  LOL!

The learning curve shouldn’t be too bad for most people to handle but things that used to work a certain way just don’t work the same in Windows 7 (I used to know where to manually manage all my start menu items in XP but its a bit harder to find in Win 7).  I think the thing that MS should be talking about with the new Windows 7 is not the “cool” factor but the search feature that they put into the OS to find all your stuff.  It’s very similar to what they had in Vista where instead of going to Start (or the little Windows ball) and then going to All Programs and selecting the program, its easier just to do a search.  This makes organization not even required, just search for what you need.  I of course still organize everything on my computer the old school way but at least I know where to find everything if I want to do it manually.

I can’t say what the differences are between the many flavors of Windows 7 since I’m running Ultimate so that means I have every bell and whistle you can imagine MS packing into an OS.  I know I don’t even use half of the features of the OS but in my opinion its way more usable and stable for the average person once the learning curve has been overcome.  One advantage that I really like about Win 7 Ultimate is that you get to run a copy of XP on the system in a virtual machine so all those programs and what not that just can’t run in a Windows 7 environment won’t be lost since MS gives you XP for free with the Ultimate version.  Might be something to consider when choosing what version of Windows to buy with a new computer or as an OS upgrade.

Similar to Bing, I like how MS is advertising the new OS and the opening of the new store in Arizona doesn’t hurt either.  Now if they were able to release Windows Mobile 7 in time for the holidays or to coincide with the release of Windows 7 it would have been a totally MS blitz for the month of October and would have helped things during the holidays.  I’m waiting to see what MS does with Xbox and if they will come out with a successor console anytime soon to follow up the Xbox360.  Time to go about my Saturday of movie watching and messing around on my iPhone so I can get away from my computer for a few hours.


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