Can someone enable multiple Exchange accounts on mobile phones?

While browsing through my RSS reader I saw an entry in a couple of sites that I follow that Google has finally enabled email syncing through Google Sync.  Google Sync uses the MS Exchange protocol in order to enable push email, calendar, and contact syncing to mobile devices like iPhones and Windows Mobile phones.

Now here’s the problem with most mobile phones and I don’t know if the limitation is with the phones or with Exchange.  I currently connect to work using Exchange to get my email, calendar, and contacts while I’m on the go.  Doing it this way saves me the trouble from having to always crack open my laptop and check for my email while at the same time looking for free Wifi hotspots so I can get on the internet.  Now that Google has enabled email synchronization, a new dilemma has arisen… I want push GMail but I would have to give up my work email.  To me I shouldn’t have to choose between the two, I should be able to get both!

The current crop of Windows Mobile phones can only do multiple email accounts but can’t do multiple contacts or calendars.  Well this isn’t totally true, I can look up people in the company directory but I don’t use that feature too often.  Now the iPhone is a different matter.  I can have multiple calendars on the phone as well as multiple address books and email accounts.  The difference between the different accounts is how all the info is pulled in whether its all created on the device, syncing with a computer, or using Exchange.  If the limitation can be overcome and more than one Exchange account can be used on a phone, I think that would be awesome and would be the ultimate convergence of my work and personal life.

Maybe this type of feature will be included in the next generation of Smartphone operating systems.  I’ve tried numerous times to get an iPhone at a new contract price but it looks like I have nothing to do but wait until at least May.  By that time I’m hoping that Windows Mobile 6.5 will be established and that Widnows Mobile 7 will be well on its way to being released, if Apple follows their normal time line OS4 should be out by July, and who knows what will happen to webOS in the next few months.

Come on someone, enable multiple Exchange accounts already!  It can’t be that hard to implement.


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