No more Windows Mobile on Palm Devices :(

It’s definitely a sad day for Treo Pro owners everywhere after Palms’ announcement that they wouldn’t be supporting the Windows Mobile platform any longer.  I caught this little tid bit of news while I was on my way to the airport in Chicago yestserday on WMExperts and later on TreoCentral.  The very anticipated Windows Mobile 6.5 is scheduled for release in October which is less than a month away and people like me who own Treo’s were anxiously awaiting this update for our phones to add some cool new features and just to keep the platform fresh over all.  I mean thats not asking too much is it?  It’s only a point update, we’re not even talking about a full blown gimmie Windows Mobile 7 type of request.

I have a feeling that an official update won’t be coming at all.  I’ve seen threads on how the CDMA Treo Pro has a cooked ROM but no one can break into the GSM version yet.  I’m a big fan of Palm and I would have liked to have them continue the relationship with MS.  I mean everyone needs a backup plan, the smartphone OS arena is getting a bit crowded already and Palm isn’t near the top of the heap like it once was a few years ago.  What I will do is wait things out a bit more although the pull to go iPhone just got a tad bit stronger.  I have high hopes that Palm will release a GSM phone sometime in the future here in the US and stop partnering with a dying carrier like Sprint to launch new phones.  Face facts guys, no one likes Sprint!

The new Pixie was rumored to be an AT&T phone (thats the new Palm webOS phone for anyone not paying attention) but its now rumored to be going to Sprint exclusively, kind of like what they did with the Pre.  I think Palm’s fortunes would have been far better if they tried a carrier like Verizon or AT&T but I can see why they wouldn’t want to do that since both carriers enjoy crippling phones.  We’ll see what the future holds!


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