Where is my Phone OS upgrade?

I have only been using my Treo Pro for a few months but in those few months I haven’t received one upgrade to the OS for my phone. My wife who owns an iPhone has already receivd at least one upgrade to her phone and I’m sure that she will get a few more. That seems to beg the question, where is my upgrade?

I think I know how to answer this question. Much like the PC arena, MS had to cater to a whole host of different manufacturers with different screen sizes, processors, and features. This puts someone like me at the mercy of my device manufacturer. MS provides the base OS while manufacturers tweak it so it can be used on their devices. This might contribute to the long development and test time for any version of Windows Mobile to date. I feel web worse for people that were using Palm OS which I used to use. Those users haven’t received an update in I don’t know how long and were recently given webOS for the Pre but any older devices are stuck at whatever version they are on.

The iPhone is following typical Apple doctrine by controlling not only the harder buy also the software on the phone. This has lead to a yearly update for all iPhone models so far wth a few minor updates hete and there. Thr iPhone hasn’t changed all that much since it’s initial release. The storage has gotten bigger an the hardware is a little better but other than that it’s still the same iPhone people know and love.

I would be interested to see what would happen if Apple took the MS or Google apprach to smartphones by releasing the software to manufacturers to make all types of phones rather than controlling the hardware and software. I suspect their dev and testing time will increase considerably but I doubt I will ever see Apple take that route. Oh well, I can do nothing but wait for Windows Mobile 6.5 and see if that improves things or if I am going to be getting an iPhone in 2010.


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