Avis Chicago, why do you hate me?

I’ve been coming to Chicago for 2 weeks now and both times I’ve rented from Avis I’ve gotten a pretty craptacular car.  I don’t get how I’m getting all the cars I just love to hate in a rental, its like the people at the Avis desk in Chicago know what rental to give me to ruin my week when I arrive at their facility.  I’m beginning to think that being Avis First doesn’t really mean anything to the company at all.  It’s just a way to make the members feel special that they achieved this status and that there is a very slight possibility that you’ll be treated better.

I can say that when you call the Avis First number they are very nice for the most part and do their best to help you out.  When you’re at the lot and all they can give you is an HHR or PT Cruiser, its a bit hard to choose considering both cars are on my “don’t rent this car to me list” on my Avis profile.  This week is particularly insulting, I got a high milage Toyota Corolla with no keyless entry system.  I rely on that keyless entry system to find my rental car since I don’t recall what I drive during the week most of the time and listen for the “beep” of the horn when I hit the button.  The last time I got a Corolla I switched rental companies from Hertz to Avis.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other rental companies that I can use, Hertz and Avis are it for me.  I won’t be going back to Hertz just yet, Avis will get two more chances before I give up on them and switch back to Hertz.  Boo!  The rental car companies need to be more like the airlines for their reward programs, now thats really saying something LOL!


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