Travel to Chicago

I’m back from my first week of travel after a two month stint at home.  I traveled to the lovely Chicago area but I didn’t exactly go to Chicago.  My work took me to some small towns north of Chicago so I wasn’t able to partake the cool things that you can do in the city but I was introduced right away to the horrific traffic that comes with coming to the Windy City.  The trip itself was un-eventful, I flew out of Miami for the first time since I became a consultant but at least it was direct.

Things started going south when I went to go get my rental car.  I’m at the super awesome status at Avis and what do they give me??  An HHR of all things!  The HHR, PT Cruiser, and Galant are on my list of cars not to get when I rent from Avis.  I guess being Avis First doesn’t mean much to the people in Chicago manning the car rental desk.  Needless to say I abused it quite thoroughly while it was in my care.  HA!  That’ll teach Avis to give me an HHR!

My hotel, The Westin North Shore, is brand new but I won’t be staying there for the next three weeks.  I’ve decided that I value free breakfast and free internet more than I do a luxury hotel.  Now don’t get me wrong, its a great hotel but like I said in a previous blog post, you gotta give people free internet or you risk losing business, especially from people like me.

While I was in Chicago I was able to see two good friends from work which was a plus for me.  I don’t get to see my work friends all that often since we’re all over the country on clients.  I’ll probably end up seeing my friends from work again next week while they’re in town and maybe get to play some more Wii.  Going to Chicago isn’t bad at all, I can even get my video game fix.

The really bad part is the traffic.  I haven’t experienced this level of craptacular traffic since I commuted to Miami on a daily basis over two years ago.  There is a lot of construction on the highway I use to get to my client so that slows things down and with no break down lanes, when there is an accident (like what happened on my way to the airport on Thursday), traffic just gets outright UGLY!  I’m glad that this past week was a short work week.  I needed to slowly ease back into traveling for work.  After I’m done with Chicago (if I’m not extended), I’m North Carolina bound until at least Thanksgiving.  Sweet….


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