TweetDeck – Twitter app for Desktops and iPhone

I am once again trying out some new software to help keep up with my social network and one that came highly recommended on the net is Tweet Deck.  Tweet Deck comes in two different varieties, the iPhone version and the Desktop version.  I’m using both of them at the moment and it seems like an excellent piece of software.  I’ll start with the desktop version first.

The cool thing about the software is that it uses panels to show tweets, direct messages, mentions, and Facebook status updates.  Thats some pretty powerful stuff!  I’ve been using it for a week now and its been quite easy to keep up with everything at once in terms of status updates from people I know or that I’m following.  I’m able to tweet or provide Facebook updates directly from the app so that is definitely a plus in that I don’t have to log into their respective websites to do the updates.  Here’s the thing, it only shows status or tweets, anything else and you have to go directly into the app.  It also has a sync function with the iPhone version but I haven’t used that aspect of the software yet, actually I haven’t found a need.  One of the cooler panels that the app has are suggestions for people to follow.  I’ve actually found some interesting people to follow on Twitter using this function so in that way its been pretty useful to me already.  If they could only make TweetDeck minimize to a desktop tray icon that would be uber sweet!  I think I’ll continue to play with this app, I’m hoping they don’t start to charge for it and just use ad support for their business model.

I also downloaded the iPhone version which works on my iPod Touch and it works a lot like the desktop version.  This version only allows three panels which are tweets, direct messages, and mentions.  The interface looks pretty much the same and for a mobile version it does what I need which is tweet my current status.  I’ve actually replaced Twitterfon with TweetDeck since I like the interface much better.  I could have set up a sync with my desktop but I’m not on my desktop enough to even bother.

I’ll keep looking on the interweb for more ways to keep me updated about my social networks but for now this app will do just fine unless something better comes along.


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