Beware of Windows Antivirus Pro

Windows Antivirus Pro…. the bane of my sister-in-laws computer!  This is some malicious malware that goes around and makes you think its a real antivirus program.  This thing does nothing but lock up your computer and generally makes life miserable.  I’ve tried cleaning it out before and for at least a couple of weeks it worked but for some reason there is a new version of this thing and it came back.

The way it works is that it pretends to scan your hard drive and then informs you that you have issues with your computer.  When you attempt to launch a program it tells you that the program is a virus and prevents you from running any programs on the computer.  The previous version wasn’t nearly this bad.  I’ve been looking online for a way to get rid of it but most of the solutions I’ve come across involves installing new software.  Thats definitely not the way to go to get rid of this thing.

I’m taking another route which is to reload the entire computer with Vista.  It used to have XP but its too easy to get malicious stuff installed on it so I’m hoping the extra security will help out.  The biggest pain about this route is that I have to re-install everything that was on the computer as well as putting all the files back.  My sister-in-law doesn’t have a lot of data so that will be the easy part.  I think this will take another day to finish and then I’ll be done.

If this gets installed on your comp, beware!  Incredibly hard to get rid of.  I recommend lots and lots of backups of your data and a strong virus/spyware engine.  Time to get back to fixing her computer!


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