New Balance 749’s

I”m in the market for some new sneakers and for nearly a year I’ve been a fan of Asics.  Most recently I’ve used the Asics GT 2140 (I’m sure there’s a post about is somewhere on my blog from a few months ago) as well as the Asics Gel Foundation 8 (my very first pair of Asics).  My wife is a fan of New Balance so I’m thinking of picking up the New Balance 749’s when the time comes just to change things up a bit.  A while ago I went to the doctor because I had a lot of heel pain when I was walking while out in Memphis and he told me that I needed shoes that provided a good amount of stability and cushioning and recommended that I buy running shoes and to wear orthotics (shoe inserts) to help get rid of the pain.  At the same time I got some Ecco dress shoes to replace my Bostonion’s.  I always have two pairs of sneakers, one for when I’m on the road and one for when I’m at home so I don’t always have to unpack them for the weekend. Well anyway, I digress…

I’ve had New Balance sneakers before and I’ve found them pretty comfortable, I just never really used them for working out or anything like that when I was younger.  It was actually my wife that introduced New Balance to me, I used to almost wear Nike’s all the time (high tops and tennis shoes).  I’ve been mostly happy with my New Balance sneakers except for the 473 trail runners.  Those sneakers I think would be fine if you were to do trail running but for doing regular running on a road or on a treadmill, those suckers will start to hurt!  I’m not going to get these sneakers just yet, I’m waiting for my wife to pick up her new pair of sneakers since she gets coupons from New Balance every once in a while for discounts and free shipping.  Once I get them, maybe I’ll give my opinion of them after I’ve used them for a little while and compare them to the Asics sneakers I’ve been using for the past year.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with change as long as its for the better.


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