Media sync is slow on Windows Mobile

Tonight I’m trying to sync some music to my Treo Pro and its just going way too slow for my taste.  500+ songs is estimated to take around 200+ minutes to sync which is my humble opinion is just way too long.  I can copy that many songs in way less time from computer to external hard drive or I can sync all 4000 songs on my iPod Touch.  I’ve tried syncing with Windows Media Player and Winamp and both of them take sooo long to put music and playlists on my phone.  I don’t really use my Treo for music, its mostly there as a back up to my iPod in case I drained the battery or something.

There are a lot of different media programs for Windows Mobile like The Core Pocket Media Player, Kinoma Player, and Pocket Tunes.  All these solutions cost money though and being the cheapskate that I am, I’m not readily willing to purchase this software to listen to my tunes on my beloved Treo.  I did try Kinoma Player before but I found it a bit too complex just to get my tunes, it was a full featured media player with video and what not but it just wasn’t for me.  I’ve seriously considered getting Pocket Tunes but as one of my previous posts have indicated, Windows Mobile software is just way too expensive sometimes and at $35, thats a big pill for me to swallow just to play music occasionally on my Treo.

Good case in point, I started syncing my Treo at 10:00PM, its only at 11% complete and its only 500 or so songs.  Thats just terrible!  There are quite a few reasons why I still don’t have an iPhone but if music was really really important to me I probably would have forked over the cash for the 3GS.  On the horizon is Windows Mobile 6.5 but I’m not sure if Palm is going to release a ROM update for my phone since not that many people have it.  I know that AT&T won’t do it because to them, I’m not even using a phone supported by them, I’m just using their service on their network.

What I’m hoping for in the next version of Windows Mobile is something closer to what they’re trying to do with the Zune HD. For those of you that don’t know, the Zune HD is Microsoft’s direct competitor with the iPhone.  It didn’t sell so well (at least I don’t think so since I see everyone walking around with white Apple ear buds all the time).  The Zune HD is set to be released in September and I think it has some elements of what is going to be in Windows Mobile 7 which should come out sometime in 2010.  The interface is going to have multi touch like the iPhone and iPod Touch and as a bonus it will have something that both the iPhone and iPod lack…. RADIO!  It’s going to sport an HD Radio turner so you can tune into radio stations from the device.  This normally isn’t a big thing but I think radio is still a pretty powerful and it gives you some variety away from your playlists and podcasts.  I’ll eagerly await the next version of Windows Mobile but if nothing compelling comes out in terms of device and OS, I might be iPhone bound come next July (if AT&T will let me upgrade using the new contract price or else I’m stuck till November 2010).


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