SoundCloud – The Twitter for Music Artists and Fans

OK I said earlier tonight that I wasn’t going be blogging anymore but before I was about to close down WordPress for the night I saw that there was a news post from WordPress about something called SoundCloud.  I was intrigued of course so I decided to read the post.  This is an interesting service where artists and fans can upload music and then send it to other people to download or they can post links that play the song on websites.  There are also badges where you can submit music to people that know you.  How cool!  I wasn’t able to get the submit badge to work on WordPress but I think thats because they blog so much code except for HTML it won’t work right.  Thats alright though because I can understand how they are a little paranoid about malicious code running on their servers.

I’ve put up one my and my wife’s favorite new songs by Paramore.  My wife and I saw them back in June when they were touring with No Doubt.  The video for this song is up on MTV and  I’ll be cruising iTunes for the album once it’s released to see what other tunes I like.  OK, seriously that’s it for tonight!  I’ll have more stuff next week.


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