Testing out Scribefire for Blogging

I’m continuing my blogging experimentation with WordPress by trying different blogging editors.  The latest one that I’m trying is Scribefire which is a plugin for Firefox which I use as my primary web browser.  This isn’t actually new to me, I’ve used Scribefire before when I was still using Blogger but I always went back to the regular web interface because it was just easier.  That was quite a few versions ago so I decided to get the latest version of the plugin to give it another go.

The interface is pretty simple and it has most of the editing capabilities that I could ask for.  I like that it lets me preview what my blog will look like and that it can download some of my previous posts so that I can edit them if I want to.  There is a neat feature that lets you broadcast your post to some of the more popular services like StumbleUpon and Facebook.  I already broadcast out via Twitter so I don’t have a real need to do so using that feature.

There is a preview feature that is really cool, it works the same way as the one in LiveWriter which I was trying out a few days ago.  I’ll continue to try out each one and then decide which one will be my offline blogging tool.  Who knows, maybe I’ll just do it in Word or something but thats kinda cumbersome as well.  Time to publish this bad boy and see how it looks!  Now if I could only find the “Save as Draft” feature I’d be all set.  OK never mind I found it when you hit the publish button!  LOL!


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