The art of Hawaii

On my most recent trip to Hawaii Claire and I decided to buy some art work that caught our eye while we were walking around Waikiki.  To her credit she spied it first and said lets go into the store to look around a bit more.  Normally when we’re in Hawaii I end up buying a ton of t-shirts or something but since we’re a bit older and wanted something that would last we decided on art.

The picture above is the piece that we bought from a place called Thor Stor in Waikiki.  The artist name is Steve Matson who is a local artist in Hawaii.  As with a lot of art work that Claire and I have, this is numbered meaning that there are multiple copies of this particular piece.  We have number 7 of 150 and it even arrived today courtesy of FedEx.  There was a much larger version of it but we didn’t get that one, we got one that was smaller and more suited to our home.  I considered getting a frame for it and we even went to a custom frame shop in Hawaii to see if we wanted to get one made there but decided against it since if there was something wrong we wouldn’t have a way to correct unless we went to Hawaii.

I highly recommend Thor Stor, they have some really neat stuff there and I would probably get more art work there if I lived in Hawaii.  Now the challenge is to find a nice place to hang my new painting in the house, find some nails and my laser level, and put it up on the wall.



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