Windows 7 is mine!!

I’m currently writing from my freshly installed Windows 7 PC. My original desktop PC was a Windows Vista Home Premium computer but since I saw that Windows 7 came out I decided to pick it up and install it. Now normally I wouldn’t do an upgrade but it said on the MS site that doing an upgrade wouldn’t be such a big deal as with other versions of Windows. I would normally wipe out my computer totally and start from scratch but thats just a major pain in my ass.

The upgrade process took quite a while, mostly it was me waiting for Windows to load onto my computer since its all automated so that wasn’t such a big deal. I have to say that it looks better than Vista does but there is enough of Vista in this bad boy that it’s not too different. The little tweaks here and there are very nice and I can say that I’m enjoying the experience so far. I haven’t had a chance to dig in and find all the little knick knacks that make this puppy hum but so far I’m impressed enough that I’m glad I did the upgrade.

Just so I can help out those that still need assistance with older versions of Windows, I’m keeping around my virtual machines of Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Ultimate. I’m also going to use them more as test beds for software before I start mucking around with Win 7 since its hard enough for me to create an image. I think I’m going to have to create a totally new Windows XP instance though since the one I’m using is being kind of flaky.

Well I’m going to see what else this puppy can do and what its not compatible with so that I can start removing programs I can’t use any longer.


2 thoughts on “Windows 7 is mine!!

  1. Jason,

    Thank you for evaluating Windows 7 and it's great to hear that you are enjoying your experience so much! If you are planning on purchasing Windows 7 when it is released it may be helpful to know you don't have to wait until October to reserve your copy of Win 7! You can pre-order your copy of Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional today. For more information, see the Windows 7 Pre-Order offer page here:

    Microsoft Windows Client Team

    • I’m an MSDN member 🙂 I’m running it on my home machine now and I love it! Of course as a person in the IT industry I still have working VM’s of Win XP, Vista, and 2000 😉

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