Flexmail is so slow

I received an email today telling me that there was a new version of Flexmail available. I had tried Flexmail before when I had my Treo 700WX almost two years ago. The program is very powerful an it has a lot of the options that I liked in Chattermail for my Treo 700P but as I was testing it today I noticed that it was really slow.

I also tried out he Today plugin an it took up a lot of screen space so it didn’t leave ne with a great feeling. I ended up uninstalling it and just used the default Pocket Outlook again. It does most of what I need and I can always search my mail using te web browser anyway.

Next up I’m going to try another program called Evernote that a friend of mine suggested and see how that works out. Playing with software is a lot of fun but I just wish I had test machines to do some of tis stuff.


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