Still waiting for the iPhone

I’m still sitting here waiting for my wife’s iPhone to show up. I ordered the phone on July 8 and I still don’t have it here in my hand! BOO! I got an email from AT&T saying that the phone was back ordered which truly sucks since I can drive out to Ft. Lauderdale and just pick one up from the Apple Store right now. Well maybe driving all the way out there might be a bit extreme but come on!

I was doing some more research into the iPhone and what the OS 3.0 brought to the table. One of the things that I’m quite pleased to see is that they now sync Notes to Outlook which was one of the biggest things that I needed. The reason for me to get an iPhone keeps on getting more and more compelling as I do more research but I’m still not convinced. Two things still stand in the way, number 1 is syncing of Tasks. I still use them to manage my life so thats still quite important and I need it to sync to Outlook. I still like using a computer to update my phone since I can still type faster on a computer than on a mobile device. Number 2 is that I’m still waiting for ListPro. I’ve created quite a number of lists and this program is a must. The developer is still doing its thing but there hasn’t been a release date for the software yet and they might only be working on a reader and not even an editable version. For a road warrior like me, being able to carry and edit your lists around is quite important so I hope that they do this bit.

I’ve been tracking the order for the iPhone daily, actually multiple times a day trying to see if they changed the status or not. This is my wife’s birthday gift and I would like for it to get to her in time. Another reason is that I need it to be all setup and ready to go for our Hawaii trip. My father is going to get one and I need to be successful with her set up so I can set up my father’s properly. My iPod Touch is working just fine so I don’t anticipate any snags.

I guess I’ll just keep on watching the order status on the web, I don’t want to call AT&T and yell at the customer service reps since they are pretty powerless in assisting me in this. Hurry AT&T and ship the phone!


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