Blogging v. Mico Blogging

I have both Blogger and Twitter and I’ve been using both concurrently for a couple of months. Of course I’ve been blogging for years now so I’m used to the medium and I only just started micro blogging with Twitter a couple of months ago so I don’t have as much experience with it yet. I’ve seen some differences already beyond the obvious of course but both have their good and bad qualities.

First up is micro blogging! I’ve only been doing it for a little bit but it seems that there are tons of people on Twitter that are micro blogging what they’re doing at any given moment. I’ve been using it myself to update Facebook so I kill two birds with one stone on that account. The community for Twitter seems very active with people looking at other peoples feeds or following topics. The limitations of 160 characters forces one to be brief yet to the point. I like it because its short and sweet and for the fact that I can just use text messaging to do it.

Second up is regular old school blogging! I’ve been doing the blogging thing for a number of years but no one reads it anymore. I still use it to give my opinion on things that I find interesting or that needs to be expanded on that can’t be conveyed using Twitter. A lot of my interests focus on technology so that’s why there are so many posts about iPhone, my Treo’s and other things of that nature. I like doing regular blogging because I get to practice my writing skills out of the work place. I write a fair amount for work but thats all for my job and sometimes it just doesn’t interest me as much as writing about what I feel like writing. It keeps me in good practice and lets me see if my writing style has progressed over the years. I’m also trying to reach my goal of 100 blog posts for 2009. The one thing about regular blogging is that there is that I don’t get a lot of feedback or opinions like I can with micro blogging. I mean Blogger is open but it takes a lot of time to read an entire post let alone multiple posts.

I can’t decide which one I like more but I’ll probably end up continuing to use both since they have their unique uses. It’s time to finish up some chores at the house and then some relaxation before heading out for the night. 🙂


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