Problems with Google Maps

I don’t know what the deal is but there’s something wrong with Google Maps on my Treo Pro. I was using it in Miami Beach yesterday to make sure I could find the Hotel Victor where my friend Ken was staying. I was able to put in the address just fine and everything but when I went to zoom in it just wouldn’t render. That was very annoying because I needed to know how close I was to the hotel and how close I was to Mango’s Tropical Cafe which is where we were going to eat dinner.

Google Maps never did render correctly yesterday so I had to switch to my backup which was Live Search (I expect MS to change this to BING or something in the near future now that they have their new search engine out). Live Search has its own quirks because it requires more clicks to get things done but it does the same functions as Google Maps. I did also have my GPS with me but thats a hassle to set up if I don’t do it ahead of time. I hope that this was just a glitch with Google Maps since I use it for a lot of stuff when I’m trying to find places while I’m on the road. If that fails, I’ll just switch between Google Maps and Live Search although I would like to only have to rely on one app to do everything I need. Now if they only made a free flight tracker in Live Search, I would be all set and ready to go for my travel needs.


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