My Treo Story

Just for fun I decided to take a picture of all the Treo’s that I’ve had in my life so far. This chronicles about 5 years of my life living with a smartphone. Before that I was like everyone else and used a regular flip phone (I used to have an LG flip phone and a Motorola StarTAC).

The first and second phones (starting on the left) are my old school Palm OS based Treo’s when I was with Verizon. Both of them ran the same version of the operating system, the only major difference was the hardware upgrade. Verizon served me well for 4.5 years and so did Palm OS but I always had problems with syncing my data and dealing with duplicate entries which was an annoyance. I also wasn’t able to get my work email or updated calendar of my meetings so it was only used for personal stuff for the most part.

Enter the future, I left Verizon after over 10 years with them and went to AT&T and my Treo Pro (the black device on the right). This one is a Windows Mobile based device and so far I have no major complaints. There are things that my Palm OS Treo did better but for the most part its not too bad of a transition. I’m anticipating that I’ll stay on the Treo Pro for at least the next two years until they mature Palm’s new webOS thats coming out on the Pre. By that time I’ll know if there is wide acceptance of the operating system or if I still need to go the Windows Mobile route. I’m hoping that Palm survives since in my opinion they make some great phones.


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