Anniversary at Ft. Lauderdale Beach

I celebrated my 4th year of marriage with my wife Claire last week and we decided to spend it at Ft. Lauderdale Beach. This was another anniversary where we really didn’t go away but it was still pretty fun. The day itself started out a little on the gloomy side and it actually rained for quite a bit of the morning but by the time the afternoon hit, there was nothing but blue skies and sunshine.

The ocean was surprisingly warm that day and it wasn’t too bad even though there were rip tide warning signs everywhere. Needless to say we didn’t venture too far out so we wouldn’t be sucked out to sea. Most of the day was spent just being lazy and enjoying the sun Florida is famous for. I still think that the sand in Hawaii is much nicer but I might be biased on that part.

Since we spent the entire day in Ft. Lauderdale, it only seemed fitting to eat at there as well. Claire knew of a great place called Cafe Martorano, an Italian place run by this jacked up Italian from Philly. The reputation of this place was pretty good and we went early to make sure that we were able to get a table. It was kind of funny to be there, all the waiters had a Brooklyn accent so it felt like we were in NY. To top it all off, the place played mob movies on the huge plasma screens all over the restaurant. I was pleased that they were showing the Godfather III while we had dinner. We even saw the founder himself in the kitchen cooking which was pretty awesome. Just to make sure everything was all set, we even went ahead and ordered dessert which is not normal for us anymore since we always stuff ourselves silly on just the appetizers and entre. I tried to encourage Claire to get the $70.00 lobster but she refused, oh well I tried!

All in all, another fabulous anniversary with my wife 🙂


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