Just when I thought I could leave Verizon

About a year ago Verizon bought out a regional cell carrier that was pretty popular here in the dirty South called Alltel. Alltel had this promotion where you could call 5 people for free on any network. It’s pretty similar to a plan offered by T-Mobile who does the same thing. I think this type of plan is great because both of my parents don’t have Verizon and I end up burning minutes when I have to talk them.

There is a catch to this new Friends and Family plan, you have to be on a $900 minute plan which costs about $60. Thats a whole lot of money for a cell plan, at that price I think I would get rid of my land line.

Anyway, now I have to reconsider my options for my cell phone plan. The Treo Pro might come to Verizon in 2010 but thats a really long time away considering it just became 2009. I’m still leaning towards AT&T just to change things up and to get the phone I want sooner. We’ll see what happens come May.


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