Finally making the switch

After ten years I think I’m finally going to take the plunge and go with AT&T Wireless. I’ve been a loyal customer of Verizon before they were even Verizon (I think I have my old phone somewhere at my mom’s house). I’m due for a new phone already using the New Every Two program but the phone selection for Verizon over the past few years has been pretty terrible. I haven’t used a regular phone for at least 4 years and although I enjoy using the Palm platform its time to change things up a bit.

I’ve done some price comparisons and I will end up paying a little bit more for twice the minutes. I’m also getting the freedom to get whatever GSM phone I want which is totally sweet. With Verizon I was pretty much trapped with whatever selection Verizon offered me because they were using CDMA. I think I’ve taken a while to switch simply because of laziness and because before they allowed you to take your phone number with you I was reluctant to switch because I didn’t want to change my number. I’ve said bad things about AT&T in the past but I figure I might as well try them and see for myself. I plan on getting the Treo Pro unlocked GSM phone once my contract is up. I will pay an arm and a leg for the phone but I can use it wherever I want just by switching out the SIM card. I could also get the iPhone if I really wanted to buy I already have an iPod Touch so why bother? Besides I’m still not sold on the whole touch screen keyboard anyway.

My wife is also going to be switching but she has to wait a bit longer to get a new phone but she has picked out the BlackBerry Bold as her next phone. Only time will tell if she’ll do it but I think she will because its just so purty. LOL!

Well its getting late so its time to finish up and get to bed for another rousing day of work!


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