My sanctuary at 35,000 Feet

As you can see in the picture, this is what I take to work each week when I’m going to Atlanta. Pretty spiffy isn’t it? Believe it or not, this is one of my sanctuaries these days from the turmoil that surrounds me at work. Another one of those being my car or being at home for the weekend but anyway, thats the not the point of this post.

I’ve been reading some stuff on my favorite news sites that airlines are starting to bring the joy of wifi onto airplanes. This technology isn’t new or anything and a few airlines have been doing it for a bit but the advent of wifi intruding on my commute to work may very well eliminate one of my sanctuaries from work. There is a fear that the ability to connect wireless while at 35,000 feet will make companies expect people to work on the plane. Granted, your typical flight to a client is a bit longer than a drive to the office but they certainly don’t expect people to work while driving (some people probably take conference calls or something while on the road and I don’t think thats a good idea when you’re driving).

I know a good many people that do use the time in the air to accomplish some work but for me this is a place to NOT work or even think of doing work. At most, I pull out my Treo and make notes in it for personal reasons like music I want to get for my iPod, shopping lists, and maybe some To Do items that I have to accomplish. Other than that, I don’t even pull out my laptop at the airport unless I know I’m going to be delayed for a good long time and I certainly don’t get it out for my flights.

I’m glad for the airlines that need to prop up their revenue streams and what not but I’m hoping that companies will not put an expectation on American workers to start logging in at 35,000 feet, we as a country already work a lot and don’t get enough PTO or time with our families… for those of us that use it as a sanctuary let us keep it and not let work intrude in yet another area of our lives.


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