Buying shoes online

I would say that I’ve been buying shoes online for about a year now, maybe two and I’d say that my results have been mixed. My latest acquisition is another pair of sneakers so that I don’t have to always unpack my sneakers on the weekends from my suitcase.

Since I have always wanted to try them, I tried to get myself a pair of Nike+ Triax 12 sneakers. I decided to get them from Foot Action since they had a 20% off coupon online and because Zappos was a little more expensive. The only down side was that I had to pay for shipping but I didn’t care because I thought that the sneakers would fit me. Well lo and behold the sneakers didn’t fit but I would have had to eat another $6.99 in shipping costs to send it back. I did find a clause that would allow me to return it to the store but the one near me wouldn’t take it back. I had to drive all the way to another store in Sunrise in order to return the sneakers. I still lost $6.99 because of the shipping I had to pay to get the shoes in the first place but its a small thing really in the grand scheme of things.

Now I got another pair of Asics but this time I went ahead and ordered them from Zappos. The sneakers I got were a bit on the expensive side but from past experience Zappos has always been better. I got an email today saying that they upgraded my shipping to next day which is awesome! This will be the third time that I’ve bought shoes from them and every time they have shown outstanding customer service, even when I wanted to return shoes and get a different pair.

Traditional shoe stores somehow don’t do it for me anymore. Every time I’ve gone they never have the shoes that I want or the size that I need. All the shoes that I want to get are all online but never in the store so its hard for me to try them on to see if I like them. Also some of the brands I use like Ecco are not readily available in most shoe stores so I have no choice but to use online stores. Even though it is more expensive, I think Zappos will be me go to store for footware. Next day shipping and free returns if I don’t like them can’t be beat. OK I’m done blogging for tonight, maybe I’ll blog some more tomorrow if I’m feeling the urge.


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