FL Panthers Game

Last night I was in for a real treat, my wife was able to get tickets to the Florida Panthers game for 7:30PM. I happened to get in at 7:00PM last night and madde it home by 7:30 which is when the game started. I managed to get into the house and change into something more comfortable clothing and dashed off to the game.
I don’t think I’ve driven that fast in a long time in my Altima. I was hitting around 85mph but there were people passing me like I was just standing still which is crazy. What was surprising to me is that parking was free at the Bank Atlantic Center where the Panthers play. I was expecting to pay at least $6.00 like I used to at other venues (granted that was in NYC). We spent way too much on food there but we were both quite hungry and they always inflate prices at stadiums so it wasn’t like it was a surprise or anything.
We didn’t arrive too late, we arrived just when the first period ended so we were able to find our seats and watch the last 2 periods of hockey. The seats were fairly close to the glass but we were only really able to see maybe 2/3 of the rink because the penalty box was in the way and obscured our view. It was kind of cool to watch people getting hit into the glass though, it was up close and personal. I’m sure we would have been able to see a lot more of the game if we were higher up but I’m not going to arge with free tickets. Unfortunately the Carolina Hurricanes (aka the Hartford Whalers) lost to the Panthers in this contest. I was quite pleased that I remembered enough about hockey strategy to know that because the game was so close entering the 3rd period (3-2) that the Hurricanes would pull their goalie to get another body on the ice. Unfortunately this would cost them a goal by some awesome shot by the Panthes to make it 4-2. Over all a very fun night and a good way to come home during the new year.

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