Nike+ Quirks

My wife and I have Nike+ because we run. Thats not really true, my wife runs and I try to un-successfully but we both have the tech for our iPods. She has a Nano and I have a Touch and for the longest time I couldn’t get the results to sync to

Well after a few months of having this stuff, I decided to change my default web browser from Firefox back to Internet Explorer and believe it or not this actually solved my problem. Now I can see all my data from the few runs that I’ve done as well as the ones that my wife has done.

This is one of those little quirks about software that bugs me but it still tells me that the web is still owned by Internet Explorer no matter how much penetration Firefox has received in the past few years. There are still too many sites geared towards IE to ever give it up fully and even IE Tab doesn’t do the best job of simulating IE. If IE only had the extension support that Firefox had, I’m sure it would regain any lost market share.

I’m thinking of getting a pair of Nike’s for my next pair of shoes so I can just shove the
sensor in there and forget about it. It hasn’t run out of juice yet and I’m hoping that my wife will use it during her half marathon in a few weeks so we can see how long it takes her to finish.


2 thoughts on “Nike+ Quirks

  1. Well, Web developers code for Internet Explorer first, then if they have time they’ll try to make it work in other browsers. That’s why I always use Internet Explorer. You know pages will display as they should because they HAVE TO. 🙂

  2. I can’t get one website to show up in Firefox anymore. It will only show up in Safari. That’s at home. At work I have to use IE because IT refused to install flash for me so it would work in Firefox. Boo.

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