Christmas is coming

The holidays are upon us once again and Black Friday is approaching pretty quick. I’m actually at home this week because its Thanksgiving this week and no one wants to fly out for only 2 days just to go back home. So here I am writing my blog and doing some work at the same time.

The only thing that’s really hard about Christmas is that I never know what I want. I have one goal from my wife this year, letting her know what I want and what I need this year. Now this really shouldn’t be all that hard because every body has a little list somewhere of what they want and what they need. My problem with that currently is that I have everything I want (within reason, I certainly can’t ask for a $40,000 car for Christmas unless we won the lottery or something in the next few days) and everything that I need for home and for work so this is a bit challenging.

I have been looking around on Amazon for stuff that I want and need but so far I’m coming up blank. I don’t have a lot of time but I need to find something that I want. Black Friday is coming up quick so thats when all the good sales are going to be too. I’m going to be getting up at the crack of dawn, I probably won’t be buying anything for myself but eh, my wife enjoys the experience.


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