The Storm Cometh!!

Coming soon to Verizon is a new phone to take on the iPhone, namely the BlackBerry Storm. I personally am not the biggest fan of BlackBerry but they might be on to something here. The interface looks pretty awesome and the fact that its totally touch screen also helps. It doesn’t have a lot of the innovative stuff that Apple has done for its iPhone but it does have one interesting feature, a flexible touch screen! It basically flexes so that you can “feel” that you’ve done something. This is quite the contrast to the iPhone. Now the only thing that they need to improve is the overall software and it will be a killer!

I’m still going to get my Treo because I like having physical keys on my phone and my company is moving everyone away from BlackBerry and heading towards iPhones and WM devices. After having an iPod Touch for a little bit I can see the appeal of the iPhone. If they bring that bad boy out for Verizon, it will be totally HUGE! Especially if they make it to work on CDMA and GSM at the same time.

My wife will probably be getting one of these unless there is something new and improved from BB to come out in the next year. I’ll be checking this out in the store if I get the chance, just to see how it is.


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