We now take you back to your regularly scheduled blogging…..

I haven’t blogged about current events for a long time but thats because I didn’t want to break up my vacation blog. I know I know its been over a month since I went and only 2 entries actually have pictures. I’ve been a bit busy at work of late so I haven’t had any time to do real blogging.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on a few topics that interest me at the present moment.

1) The US Open

I have attended this tournament from time to time and I must say that it looks like its been pretty exciting so far. I wouldn’t have minded catching a few matches. It’s too bad that most of the American players on the Men’s side are out at this point but they have been playing pretty well so far. I need to go and catch Wimbledon one of these days but they have some archaic way of getting tickets. I’ll get there eventually though. The finals are this weekend and I’m curious to see who’s going to be playing in the finals. Being a Friday night, I’m surprised that there are no matches on TV right now. I guess they’re going to all the Men’s semi-final matches tomorrow and of course tomorrow is the Women’s Final.

2) The Republican National Convention

This was something that I haven’t really paid attention to in the past few elections, mainly because I really didn’t care because I was voting Republican anyway. This year I paid a little closer attention because McCain chose Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. This is very new because she is the first woman on a major party ticket. It’s even more interesting to me that she has no exposure to Washington politics so far. I normally don’t blog about politics but just for this brief moment I will. I watched her speech on CNN and it was really good. Any doubts I had before about voting this year are gone and I will be voting Republican once again (I would like some lower income taxes please).

OK I’m very distracted right now watching The Incredibles on Disney Channel so I’m just going to end this sucker right here. I should be able to blog on a more regular basis now. We’ll see if I have the time though.


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