Hooray its my Birthday!

Last Tuesday was my vaunted 30th birthday. I have turned a corner and entered the next decade of my life and I’m leaving my 20’s behind. Being 30 doesn’t feel any different from being 29 really but just the fact that I know I’m 30 is kind of weird. Anyway, I digress as usual.

My birthday started off with my wife giving me my birthday gift (no you won’t know what it is on this blog) and of course she took some pictures of my smiling face. We did the usual breakfast thing downstairs in order to gear up for the coming day. We decided to stroll towards the 5th Avenue area and did a few neat things.

First stop on the list was actually an accident, we ended up walking a bit too far and ended up in the Rockafeller Center in NY. The reason for the stop was to see the Nintendo Store and to hit up the NBC Studio shop. The Nintendo store was pretty awesome. It was much smaller than I would have thought it would be (only 2 floors) but it was all Wii’ed out. There were Wii’s all over the place and the big thing that people were playing with was of course the new Wii Balance Board. They had Wii fit playing on both levels which I thought was pretty cool and I was able to play Wii Skiing for the first time. It’s not as easy as it looks but I think the Balance Board needed a bit of calibration and the batteries were dying too so I’m sure that had something to do with it. Either way I think I did pretty well. They also had a really cool display case with the history of the Nintendo systems and I was able to see all the classics from the original Gameboy to the NES and Rob. There were clothes there too but I didn’t buy anything although I did take an awesome picture with my friend Pikachu! HA!

After leaving World of Nintendo my wife and I headed over to Rockafeller Center and picked up some drinks. I had an Italian soda which totally rocked and while we were just walking around we stopped in the NBC Studio store. Originally my wife was going to get something from the show The Office but there wasn’t anything there that she liked or thought was worth the money. I found some cool pins and shirts for the Beijing Olympics but they didn’t have my shirt size so I ended up getting a pin instead just for the hell of it. Another little momento to add to my small collection that I have.

From there it was up 5th Ave once again. We did stop in a couple of stores including Tiffany’s (I mean you just have to stop that place is awesome) and made our way to Central Park. The original agenda that I laid out had us going to the Metrolpolitan Museum of Art which is right near Central Park. Since it was a pretty nice day we decided to walk it instead of taking the subway. I will admit that I got a little lost in the park. The MET is straight north, past the Central Park Zoo but somehow we got side tracked and ended up heading West towards Tavern on the Green. After picking up a map we were able to make it to the MET without too much trouble (the dumb guide at the Central Park said we could make the MET in less than 30 minutes, what a liar it took closer to 45!).

The MET was pretty cool. We primarily went to see some exhibit that had super hero fashion and some sculptures that were on the roof of the MET. For a museum it was quite loud and there were tons of people roaming around as well looking at the various exhibits. We hit up the two exhibits that we planned on seeing but we also went to see Arms and Armor and a lot of the Chinese exhibits that were there as well. Overall we spent about 2 hours roaming around looking at exhibits and getting lost in the museum since its just so large. I was really impressed with the Arms and Armor exhibit because it detailed all the different types of full body armor used in the middle ages, different types of fire arms, and lots of swords. SWEET!!

We could have spent a whole day at the MET but the wife and I had dinner reservations with some friends to celebrate my birthday at Nobu 57 which is pretty close to the Waldorf. We met up with our friends for dinner and had a pretty good time. The stuff they served was great and it was a nice atmosphere. I got some cool presents too but I’m not gonna say what they are here, that would be indecent of me! The day didn’t end too late. Since we have been walking around all day, we called it an early day, besides Day 3 was going to be especially exciting because of the Yankee game!! WooHoo!!!


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