In only 8 more days I’m going to be 29+1 years old. I can’t bring myself to say I’m going to be turning 30 just yet. I guess we’ll cross that bridge at midnight on July 21st when I actually turn 30 years old. I guess its not all bad, the only thing I’m doing is leaving my 20’s behind although I can say that I did enjoy being in my 20’s.

I have most of my day planned out for my birthday but I won’t reveal what I’m going to be doing on my blog just yet. Suffice it to say that next week I’m taking the entire week off from work because I can and its also to celebrate my 30th birthday in a nice relaxed atmosphere.

I’m just curious what my wife is going to get me for my birthday. She has already gotten me a NY Yankee batting jersey yesterday (no numbers on it though so I don’t have to worry about people leaving the team and wearing a number belonging to someone else i.e. my Tino Martinez jerseys) HA I just gave away the answer to one of my Facebook questions that no one has answered yet.

Anyway, I might have a few more blog posts in me this morning as I wait for my flight to leave. Just gotta think of something to write about…..


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