Verizon Wireless isn’t giving me love

I watch a good amount of TV in the evening and I constantly see commercials from Alltel and Cingular offering stuff like roll over minute or a top 5 which lets you call people and not burn minutes. I’ve been with Verizon before they were even Verizon and the only thing that they’ve offered over the years is the New Every Two program. You used to get $100 bucks towards a new phone every two years when you renewed your contract but recently that was reduced to around $50. Personally I like the service I’ve been getting from Verizon both network wise and from their customer service department who seems willing to help me out when purchasing phones.

While thats all fine and dandy I do envy some of my peers that have roll over minutes or Unlimited Plans that include anytime minutes, text messaging, and internet where Verizon is only providing unlimited minutes. Verizon’s phone selection also isn’t the best but what keeps me rooted to them is the network. At some point, Verizon is going to have to change something about their strategy to offer new phones and better plans to their customer base. I want to see some bad ass phones and be able to use it overseas and throw in SIM chips. But most of all I need a way to cut down on the number of minutes I use because my cell phone has become my lifeline with my new job.

If Verizon can give me something like My Circle or Roll Over minutes, I’ll be totally golden and remain a loyal customer for a long time to come.


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