iPhone 3G Mania and waiting for the Treo 800W

Well here it is, the 3G iPhone has finally arrived today and from all the different things I’ve been seeing on the internet, people have been lining up for days if not weeks for this little baby to be released. I think that’s nuts personally just to get your hands on a cell phone but I guess people are just crazy that way.

Anyway, there are supposed to be some much improved stuff with this new release most importantly connection to AT&T’s 3G network as opposed to EDGE which runs on 1xRTT. From other things I’ve heard, people with the original iPhone shouldn’t be all that upset anyway because most of the cool software tweaks that the new iPhone has is available to everyone else as a software upgrade. I guess good ole Steve Jobs is keeping his promise that the device doesn’t matter nearly as much as the software that runs the thing.

With this fun new release is a new release of iTunes (which I won’t be upgrading to any time soon unless it improves the functionality of my iPod or something) because I just don’t feel like downloading it and the new iPhone application thingie doesn’t do me a shred of good. My good old iPod classis is working just fine for now but I want a Nano so I have some tunes when I go running or something while I’m out on the road.

I know that sometime in the near future Verizon is going to be releasing the Palm Treo 800W for us suckers stuck on CDMA networks (iPhone is GSM in case you didn’t know). Sprint is already selling the sucker before its “official” launch date which no one really knows yet except for Sprint. But from some of what I’m reading, EVDO Rev A (thats CDMA 3G) is totally bad ass and kicks the crap out of AT&T’s 3G network in sheer speed. Granted I love my Palm OS but I think its time to move on to Windows Mobile unless by some act of God or Palm moving their collective butts the new Linux based OS is released and is completely compatible with all my old programs. I’ll have to start buying software instead of using freeware (although there is some good stuff out there) and there is a cool program called StyleTap that will let me run my Palm OS programs on Windows Mobile.

That leaves on more player that I haven’t mentioned yet (no its not Symbian). Andriod (the Google phone thingie) that people are all excited about. Android is going to be tied quite heavily to all the online Google goodies that abound these days but I’m kind of wary of first gen software but it has a lot of backing from vendors. Only time will tell where this is going.

Alas, since I am on CDMA it appears that I will be sticking with my good ole Treo (whether I get the 755 or the 800W depends on mood and if WM pisses me off enough to go back to Palm OS for another 2 years). I’m up in January so we’ll see what happens in 6 more months.


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