Something funny is going on at Marriott

I’m here staying at a full service Marriott (there are many levels but I won’t get into that) in Pittsburgh and a curious thing happened when I got into my room. The bed wasn’t made and all the shit I threw around it was still there. Well thats not good at all is it? So I call down and tell the front desk who apologizes and asks if I want anything. I just say give me towels and everything will be fine.

I wait a few minutes and someone with a cleaning cart comes to clean up my room. To me thats a bit weird because I only wanted towels. I politely tell her I don’t want her to clean my room (in my head I’m really saying why are you going to bother when I’m going to mess it up again in 4 hours) and ask her for some towels. She at least gives me the towels which I asked for. I’m hoping that my room will be made up tomorrow.

Now if they would only give me free internet access like they do at their lesser brands (I don’t know WHY they don’t at the top of the line hotel, just plain stupid in my view because business travelers are always online). I can safely say that for my next client I will pray that I get to stay in a Hilton so I can gain some massive amounts of points with my super awesome Diamond status.


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