Back from the cruise!

Today is my first day back at work after spending 3 days on a cruise with my wife’s family. There were at least 15 people including me on the cruise and we took the Carnival Fascination and headed over to Paradise Island in the Bahama’s.

Me and the wife have been to Paradise Island before so we knew what to expect when we got there. A few things have changed over time but a lot of the changes were good. The biggest change that I saw was the expansion of the water park. Since my wife and I aren’t big on going to the beach, we decided to try out the water park since so many things there were new. The best part was the Lazy River which had rapids and stuff like that thrown in. It was great that it had little breaks here and there so you didn’t have to walk to the different attractions. Some of the slides were really steep and we didn’t know they were steep till we actually went on the ride. Some of the more memorable points were hearing people say “OH SHIT” as they went down a slide.

We only spent the day there since it was a 3 day cruise and we needed one day to get to the Bahama’s and one day to get back to the Port of Miami. The ship was a smaller one compared to the one me and the wife took about 3 years ago when we went on our honeymoon. My wife’s parents seemed to enjoy the cruise so if there is another family outing it will probably involve a cruise of some sort. However since we’ve had a chance to try Carnival I think we’re going to go back to Royal Caribbean since we enjoyed almost every aspect of Royal Caribbean more than Carnival. I’m hoping for an Alaska cruise or something but the Western Caribbean will be awesome. Most likely we’ll also book a cabin that has a window, waking up at 7AM and it being pitch black in the room is just kinda creepy and doesn’t really motivate you to get out of bed.

Pictures of the cruise will follow in a few days after I get back home from work. It’s going to be a short weekend this week because I’m staying in Pittsburgh till Friday but I did take most of Monday off so I guess everything balances. Until tomorrow most likely, another blog post will most definitely appear!


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